9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Track A - Future of Georgia: 

Women Leading Patient Empowerment

According to AdvaMed, only 12 of AdvaMed’s more than 250 member companies are led by women. Women constitute only 12% of healthcare industry board directors. Women account for 73% of healthcare company managers but only 4% of CEOs. 


Nevertheless, Fortune 500 companies with more than three women on the Board have 66% higher return on invested capital and a 42% higher return on sales.


Who is leading opportunities or innovations in life science by or for women and how?

Where are the areas of greatest need and opportunity? What does patient empowerment in life science innovation mean and how can women in life sciences raise the bar in outcomes and the standard of care?


Join Maital Guttman as she moderates this panel with Sherry Farrugia, Jayne Morgan, and Angela Fusaron to find out.

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Track B - Business Growth: 

Building the Team 101

Investors know: “Bet on the jockey, not the horse”.  The team each founder builds is one of the most critical components of a company’s success.  Outstanding teams pivot, refocus, and refine, with passion, resilience and persistence.  This panel of stellar CEOs and investors will discuss their experiences, challenges and lessons learned in building successful teams for a company’s changing needs over time, recruiting key talent in the Southeast and the importance of the team when raising money and evolving from an idea / technology into a customer focused, commercial entity.

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Track C - Biopharmaceuticals & Drugs:
Autologous Cell Manufacturing: Current Challenges and Prospective Paths Forward
Of the many recent innovations in personalized medicine, perhaps none is so intimate and potentially impactful as the use of autologous cells. Yet broad dissemination of this treatment modality requires a rethinking of manufacturing approaches. The cells come from an individual patient and are delivered back to the same patient, yet in the intervening time: where they go, how they are treated, and how they are tested and released are open questions. This panel will seek to explore these unique manufacturing considerations. 

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Track D - Medical Device & Digital Health:

Cybersecurity: The Complexities Facing Your Life Science Business

Cybersecurity continues to be a high-profile topic across many verticals but is especially so for the life science industry, and for very good reason. Cyberthreats and the solutions used to fight them are evolving at an extraordinary rate. While you think you may not fit the default risk/attack profile, you possess priceless information and resources valuable to hackers.


Join in on this panel discussion as we dive into the ever-evolving world of cyber threats. We’ll focus on the evolving cybersecurity landscape, the importance and benefits cybersecurity systems, and the data breach legal requirements within the Life Science and Biotech ecosystem.

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