2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Track A - Future of Georgia: 

Talent Engagement: Models for Cultivating, Recruiting, and Retaining Skilled Professionals in Georgia

Georgia harbors exceptional educational institutions and is burgeoning with investments in innovative technologies, products, and companies. By fostering an environment in which smart, creative, and driven people flourish in their endeavors we will sustain the growth of our innovation ecosystem. This panel seeks to discuss and brainstorm paths through which to do so. 

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Track B - Business Growth: 

Advancing from ‘R’ to ‘D’ to ‘C’: Various Routes to Building Successful Clinical Stage Companies

Atlanta is a hub for startup creation for biotech, but it's not always easy to go from research to commercialization. Come hear founders and industry leaders offer lessons learned on intelligently scaling your company amid rapid growth including when to partner, sell or IPO, or when to build or buy preclinical, manufacturing, and clinical development capabilities.

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Track C - Biopharmaceuticals & Drugs: 

Meeting the Challenges of University Start-Up Companies

This panel session will profile 3 to 4 start-up companies based on technology licensed from Georgia institutions. Issues common to company formation in the university environment will be discussed including licensing intellectual property, conflicts of interest and commitment, use of university facilities, management of the enterprise and funding sources.

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Track D - Medical Device & Digital Health: 

Pain Management: Changing the Landscape

  Pain management is plaguing communities across the country. Long-term solutions for combating this crisis will depend upon biomedical innovation and the development of novel and safer next generation therapies to treat both pain and addiction. To get these new innovations to the patients whose lives depend on them we must ensure that the policy and regulatory environment keeps pace with the advances happening in the lab. A patient-centric approach to the treatment of pain and addiction will help prevent and provide better care for those who are diagnosed with addiction. Panelists will discuss the barriers and solutions around current coverage and reimbursement policies to ensure patient access to resources for pain and addiction treatment.

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